Comment: Just telling me I'm wrong doesn't make you right.

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Just telling me I'm wrong doesn't make you right.

The fact is that if everyone doesn't agree with the anarchism philosophy then it will not work. Just like communism. They may sound good on paper but they are unobtainable.

If 50% of the population decided to forgo government for personal independence and self rule then in no time at all the other 50% who desire government oversight will impose that government on the anarchists.

You are arguing with me as if I am arguing against anarchism. Whether I agree with anarchism is not the point. I am talking about real world implementation.

Anarchy will never work unless you have almost total acceptance and participation. One percent of the population fighting for central government can thwart any anarchist desires. And we all know that there are way more than that who look to government for their livelihood.