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Excellent news!

Please keep us posted with your progress! I cannot recommend this book highly enough: Wheat Belly.

I have been wheat / gluten free since the first of the year. I lost about 6 lbs, without making any other substantial adjustments aside from eliminating the wheat. And I feel great. I was off and on for most of last year, which gave me a heightened sensitivity to wheat's effects when I resumed consumption after a multi day or week break. Eventually, I came to associate the crappiness / bloating I felt with the cookie / cake / bread / croissant that I had a few hours earlier. I began to recognize a cause-effect relationship where previously I had seen none.

On another note, last summer I spent two weeks at the Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico. For two weeks I ate nothing but raw foods and juices, and consumed 4 oz of wheatgrass every day.

Wow! What a difference that made. Lots of little aches and pains went away. There was one woman with arthritis so bad in her hands and knees that she couldn't make a fist, or comfortably walk up the stairs. By the end of those two weeks -- wow! She could make fists! She could walk up the stairs without pain.

This really confirmed to me what my friend Renato, who I met through the Ron Paul movement, and who introduced me to the Wigmore Institute always tells me:

"It's all about the food, Mikey! It's all about the food."


Another thing he said once, when we were driving by a hospital:

"You know how you know hospitals are fake?"

How, I asked.

"Just look at the food they serve."

- - - -

Well? So - How do you feel? Notice any improvements after the first four days?

He's the man.