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Make their money just as the city cops do,it comes out of the city coffers,and it gets voted on the same way.
Sheriffs uphold all laws that are created by the states.
Sheriffs uphold the,ordinances,codes and statutes of the cites they reside in
or around.
Some sheriff's dpt receive fed gov funding,and some help the feds break the laws in their own jurisdiction
Sheriffs are bailiffs in court,they help throw citizens in jail for victimless crimes,But do not arrest the judges for their own crimes.
Sheriffs lie in wait and hand out speeding tickets,and they uphold dog ordinances.
I see little difference in most sheriffs when compared to city/state cops
Ours here,actually break the 2nd amendment on a daily basis,then say"it is how we have always done it" or this one "we were told to"
The people who think they elect these people think they are there to help them out,and to protect them,most do not

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