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There is no denying...

...slavery only ends with the slave.

The fact that thugs abuse you so much does not mean that they have authority. Only you can give them authority. When you remove your consent, you will put yourself in a position to reduce or eliminate the abuse.

I pay some sales taxes on some things. I pay less and less sales taxes as I develop my network of fellow anarchists with whom I trade. When all my trading is with them, sales taxes will be over for me.

The other things you mention are similar.

There are ways to extract resources above and beyond those which seem to be extracted without becoming dependent, and without exchanging honest labor for them. Put your mind to it. Put the psychopaths in proper perspective, and the possibilities really open up. They are not authorities. They are criminals. They are enemies.

The crux of what I'm saying is this: They may be able to exert authority upon you at any time. That is *your* choice. They cannot do that with me. They can only kill me.