Comment: My 'pop' happened at the age of 25

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My 'pop' happened at the age of 25

Teenage years are messy, so to get out of that I made a plan. I was going to do x,y,z and accomplish it all by the age of 25. Suddenly it's my 25th birthday and to my horror I had acomplished it all! So I'm sitting at my desk at work, glum, dragging hard on a cigarette and pondering the world I created for myself.
"What's wrong?"
It was useful idiot staring down, wide-eyed, at me. This chickie HATED me so all my defenses go up. But that lasts no more than two seconds because I'm feeling really depressed and need to unload.
"It's my birthday."
"Yeah," she grimaced. "We got a cake for you and we'll be singing Happy Birthday. We didn't forget you."
"You don't get it. I had plans. My life was going to be a certain way by the time I was 25. And now I'm 25 and I've accomplished everything. There's nothing more for me to do in my life. It's OVER!"
She gave me that look, a semi-smirk filled with ennui.
"Well, there's gotta be something you wanted to do that you haven't done yet."
POP! The Edison bulb over my head lit up like the sun. "Well.... there IS!" I blurted, my sputtering throwing her back a bit. I realized then that I had imprisoned myself in the cell of my plan and couldn't see passed that plan, and now that it was fulfilled, it was time for a new one. Except this time I would abandon all plans and just let life do with me as it pleases.
She suddenly looked very pleased with herself. "Then go do it."
I said 'I will' and did and had the best adventures in my life roaming America, Mexico and ending up in India.
Life is good, you just gotta let it be.

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