Comment: They've repeatedly gone past the treasurer's limit

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They've repeatedly gone past the treasurer's limit

This is old hat. The treasurer takes these "extraordinary measures" and keeps the government chugging along.

There is only one cure for the debt limit problem--limit the debt. Disallow borrowing in excess of the limit, only rolling over existing debt. Cut spending, damn it.

The truth is, Obama has been reducing the deficit while the Republicans have been drawing false lines in the sand and then caving--over and over and over. Boehner is just resigned to the fact that nobody believes Republicans' budget bluff any longer. The sequester, the shutdown, just hoax on top of hoax, Republicans scheming to lie to their voters.

The TEA Party needs to take names. List exactly who never caved, never voted for compromise in the House and Senate and defend them, and at the same time campaign hard to remove the fiduciary traitors in primary challenges. Borrowing by the government (aka the Fed printing money out of thin air) is a tax, because it inevitably leads to inflation, making my wages worth less.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.