Comment: Oh, Michael....I love this post...

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Oh, Michael....I love this post...

Where to even start?

I've had 3 memorable moments of 'waking up' to living my life how I want to.

I moved out of my parents house when I was 17. I was in love. He was older and had a car, and a tattoo lol. He was a rebel. 17-20 I went to school and worked a million hours to pay rent and tuition and books and bills and all that stuff that I thought I could handle at that age.

20 comes around. I have the chance to go to Denver, and boy did I hate the situation I had set up for myself by taking on so much responsibility at such a young age, so I said yes to Denver. Denver, LA, Phoenix, Vegas, Austin with some other minor wandering in there for the ages of 20-23.

23 rolls around, I have this great picture of me and my friend Liz sitting in a bar in Austin TX and we have just decided we are up and moving to New Orleans, we knew no one there, we had no plans, and we were leaving at the end of the following week. We look so happy in that picture. We were. I love that girl.

So off we go...New Orleans for a while, then Caribbean Island hoping on and off for months. Major islands, small islands, islands islands islands.....And that set me off on a whole other journey....

So, 20 when I said yes to Denver, 23 when I said yes to New Orleans which like I said just set me off on a crazy path of other places and a world map journey that is pretty cool.

My next waking up moment happened at 27 (28 for all practical purposes since I was so close to 28).

28. There I am in Shanghai. Great roommate. Great job. Great money. Great apartment. Ability to go to travel more....

And yet, I was not happy. Not at all. There were a few reasons. I had things at home to take care of, but really, I just wasn't happy. I put on a great show. I wasn't happy though. My next snapping moment of waking up came from finally saying no. No, I don't want to keep this lifestyle up right now, I'll pick it back up later.

No, I don't want to do anything I'm not interested in.

No. I am making my choices from here on out, and while I'll accept advice, I am doing it my way. And I'm not making choices to prove a point to anyone like I did with Shanghai, I am making them for myself.

So, sometimes No can be just as powerful as yes.

Ok, but what happens next Michael? After Portugal...what's next?