Comment: Tilling the soil is not the best way of gardening.

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Tilling the soil is not the best way of gardening.

Tilling the soil burns off all the beneficial bacteria that is in it. If your an environmentalist you should know that lots of co2 gets discharged every time you work the soil. If you do till do it only once per year.

If you want to continue using the same spot put some organic material over it like leaves, shredded cardboard or any other brown material you have lying around. You can mix in green material like kitchen scraps and grass clipping. Go easy on the grass clippings because they will heat up if you put too much in one spot.

If you really want a excellent produce with no commercial fertilizer do what I do, make compost tea and pour over veges. For no pesticides use diatomaceous earth to kill all bugs. It is not harmful to environment and helps buildup soil. Here is another excellent helper for fantastic veges, Mycorrhizae Fungi, all plants really thrive if present. Here you can grow your own very easily:

If you don't want to buy worm castings you can go to any wooded area that hasn't been tilled for at least 20 years. shovel up some of the soil instead of the castings, should work as good.

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