Comment: Joel Skousen Predicted This Last October and Explained WHY

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Joel Skousen Predicted This Last October and Explained WHY

Here's a portion of what he stated in his October 18, 2013 World Affairs Brief (


I said at the beginning that Boehner would give it away in the end but I never envisioned the results would be this bad. Conservatives lost much more in this fight to stop Obamacare and hold the line on deficit spending—they lost the war. By allowing Boehner and other "moderate" (meaning: compromising) Republicans to sabotage the debate, take the blame without rebuttal and walk away with absolutely nothing to show for the fight, they lost the ability to launch another battle in January. They’ve set the stage for the media to demand there will never be another threat of a government “shutdown” even though there never was a shutdown and default was never a real threat.

This is similar to what the Republicans did in sabotaging the impeachment of Bill Clinton. It was the Republican leadership that hobbled and restricted the attack on Clinton, not the Democrats, according to prosecutor David Schippers (a Democrat). Republicans purposely made a folly of the impeachment process so as to poison the public’s toleration for impeachment ever again. By only concentrating on his sexual problems and evading more serious issues like technology transfers to China, the case appeared weak and embarrassed the whole process. No one will even dare to suggest impeachment now because they made a laughing stock of the process.

The NY Times summarized the typical media reaction:

Congressional Republicans conceded defeat
on Wednesday in their bitter budget fight
with President Obama over the new health
care law as the House and Senate approved
last-minute legislation ending a disruptive
6-day government shutdown and extending
federal borrowing power to avert a financial
default with potentially worldwide economic

The pro-government media is rejoicing that the two major attacks on increased government power have successfully been defeated — probably forever: the defunding of Obamcare and the threat against a continuing increase of the debt limit. There was no threat of “default with potential worldwide economic repercussions” as the Times claimed. But continuing down the path we are now on is going to lead to eventual default, as Peter Schiff said this week:

Default is inevitable...anyway. But we're
not going to default because we don't raise
the debt ceiling. We're going to default

Unfortunately, the political waters of conservative opposition to both have been forever poisoned by the way this was fought. House Speaker John Boehner had the audacity to claim (NY Times),

“We fought the good fight,” said Speaker
John A. Boehner of Ohio, who has struggled
to control the conservative faction in the
House, in an interview with a Cincinnati
radio station. “We just didn’t win.”

They got the part about “controlling” the conservative faction right. But they missed the fact that Boehner sabotaged the entire fight by what he DIDN’T say as the battle progressed. He agreed to not criticize each other, which worked only to favor the administration. He thus gave up his only weapon in the propaganda war. Not once did the Republican leadership effectively broadcast to the world how the Obama administration set out to purposely and unnecessarily shut down aspects of government parks, memorials, and lands which was unnecessary and saved little money—simply to make life difficult. If Republicans had only used the kind of list of egregious examples I published last week they could have directed the public’s anger toward Obama, ...