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Because Rand is IS

Because Rand is IS bad for you. Everyone I have ever known who used it did indeed act less seems to dull the wits to some degree. Now...that doesnt mean I think it should be illegal...just like I dont think alcohol or any other drug should be illegal...but denying that it has a detrimental effect is wishful thinking. THERE ARE NO DRUGS that are good for you...period. Our bodies are built to be balanced with nothing but basic nutrition. I do not and never will support drug use for any reason....but I also do not and will never support penalization for drug use. So I agree 100% with Rand on this.(and no...I dont and never have done drugs...even alcohol except for a beer or two...never even been drunk and have no desire to be. I can tell alcohol is a poison when I have on occasion had a beer...just like all other drugs). You may say its good as a painkiller...and that may be true...but pain is a symptom and dulling the pain doesnt help the root cause one bit....I dont take pain killers either...even those times in my life that I was injured bad enough to want them I refused them because...pain is a symptom...your body's way of telling you something is wrong...why would I ignore what my body is trying to tell me? Now if marijuana actually cured a disease of some sort as a one time treatment I would be all for using it for that purpose..maybe it does..I dont know, I just see no point in "recreational" use of any drug...escaping from reality is just lying to yourself...reality doesnt go away.