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Josie really

understands the tyranny of the state, and does a good job at breaking it down for those caught in their matrix, that as long as they continue to support the state they will never be free. The biggest problem being, as Josie reported in her last video 'A prison be any other name', the government school system has taught most that it's good to reliquish your freedom to the state. My brother is much younger than me, and fits the millenium classification. I prevented him from being caught in the government matrix refered to as public education. However, many in his age group he confers with have been indoctrinated into the matrix, and believe much of the actions of the state are good for them. Then we also, have the older groups who have been indoctrinated into the GOP vs Democrat divisionist game, who are also programmed into the state of serfdom. I'm coming to believe the only recourse is an all out collapse, though it won't be pretty, it's the only way to break the Zionist Bankster power of control, and bring back the Republic as the Founders invisioned it.