Comment: Y2K??!! You make me feel old ROFL

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Y2K??!! You make me feel old ROFL

Flourescent lights aren't so bad when you consider that in that place I had been working, this was a few years before my 25th b-day, I had a boss who hated me so much he deliberately had my desk moved into the area where they were removing asbestos!! ROFL Oh yeah, I can laugh about it. I laughed about it then. They had already moved everyone, including me, and I walk in one day and he had pushed my desk back under the untiled ceiling. I looked at him and asked if he really thought he was going to get away with this, and laughed at him. I had showed him up a few weeks prior at some meeting with higher ups, he was an idiot, and he hated that 'this kid' knew the system better then him - he couldn't answer a question and I could, so he decided to try to kill me by having me sit by myself in the asbestos area. And I sat there because I knew it'd be noticed and it was that same day and I said he pushed my desk back there and he was told to move my desk, which he had to do in front of everyone. It was great. Some months later they promoted me and I wasn't reporting to him anymore and soon after that he left the company.

My journey into the wonders of this world started in '86 - I don't even know what was going on back then because I became oblivious to the workings of the 'real' world.
A year or two later me and my friends are boarding a plane, this time venturing to the jungles and high deserts of Mexico. This was our anthem and we felt fine!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison