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Comment: Kumare

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It's weird you reccommended this when you did. I just finished reading this book,

Be Love Now by Ram Daas. I mean, I just finished it last week. This also discusses gurus and their different roles they can play in your life and the relationships that can be formed. It's a beautiful book.

I thought it was interesting in this documentary how desperate some people are to have a spiritual guide. But then I realized, everyone is kind of. Even Kumare himself.

In a way, I didn't even see it as him duping them. He was still guiding them. What did he lack that other gurus have? Just because he was pretending, he wasn't setting out to hurt anyone. He still offered spiritual guidance even though he wasn't an actual technical guru.

But you don't have to be a mystic from the East to have an impact on someone's spiritual journey and if you are able to do that, aren't you in fact that person's guru in a way?

Also, he himself noted at one point in the documentary that he was happier with the Kumare version of himself, so maybe that is who he was supposed to be...

What an interesting sociological experiment and just a great documentary and like I said, it lined up really nicely with a book I had just finished.