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Maybe your bong loads were a little much..

I know people who 'cough like their lungs are on fire', and we keep the bong away from them. They just don't understand moderation, even with a bong. But yes, vaping is the way to go. I got my first vaporizer from vapolution about ten years ago and its still going strong. Looking to get a smaller unit now. I wish like heck that the media and 'people in the know' would talk more about vaporizers and ingested herb. I truly think that the whole thought of 'smoking' just doesn't vibe with the average persons understanding of 'health treatment', which is more than understandable. There are great alternatives, but for some reason the media wants to ignore those and pretend we're all out there with joints hanging off our lips. I'm a bowl baby, and can't even roll. Sad but true. :)