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Comment: I didn't see the ad (until a few minutes ago)--

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I didn't see the ad (until a few minutes ago)--

because I don't have tv, and I wouldn't have watched the super bowl if I did have tv.

But my response is different from the responses of everyone.

Even the OP.

I understand what the OP is saying.

I do agree that there is irony, but the irony is that our culture puts such a high value on an unhealthy drink that isn't even made with real sugar in the U.S.

I see great irony in that.

America equals unhealthy things, including drinks.

And America has spread an unhealthy drink (or two) around the world.

As for the use of different languages, there again, I love languages and different cultures, so I can't find that offensive.

After reading some of the links to original comments on other sites--

I have to say I didn't notice the people on the ad that closely, but I only watched it once.

Advertising is advertising; why would anyone expect it not to be trying to sway people--

the irony is that America doesn't stand for something greater than coca-cola.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--