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We use ice around here.

NORMALLY we don't have snow on the ground. :) The vaporizer I have can be used for nicotine or cannabis. I suppose they all can be. This is a glass on glass contraption where you stuff a glass tube with the herb of your choice. Then you put the tube, which has plastic tubing attached, into the vaporizer. You then inhale normally, as in breathing NOT taking a 'hit'. You can see the vapor coming through the tube, but there isn't any smoke at all. If you start smelling or tasting 'popcorn' then you have it turned up too high. You can vape either tobacco or cannabis by simply adjusting the temperature.

I'm like you, cannabis does make me lazy, which is why I stick to using it at night. I didn't ever smoke until after I was out of the military and started having severe sleeping issues, as in three to four days without sleep. Now I sleep like a baby and have the added bonus of really enjoying my adult cartoons before bed. :)

If you want to see what I'm talking about just check out their website...