Comment: It is nice to have a home base like that

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It is nice to have a home base like that

My dad's house in Seattle was home base like that for me. I had my room. I had a basement to store all my crap. I could come and go as I pleased, and it was always so wonderful to know, wherever I went in the world, that I still had that place called home.

And then, my dad had a stroke. And within a few months, he was gone. And then the house was gone. It all just disappeared, and everything got turned upside down.

I know some young people who are embarrassed and ashamed to still be living at home. I don't think you're one of them. But if you are, don't be. Be thankful and joyous that you can now, because nothing lasts forever.

Look at Laroche. He just was who he was. Lived with his dad. No front teeth. Drove a beat up white van. He didn't care about details like that. He had something bigger. Way bigger.