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Alexander Hamilton was certainly the judhist of the founders

His british cousin's name was also Alexander Hamilton and with the help of Franz Bopp the british Hamilton translated the sanskrit bhagavad gita to the british and American people, but they did so as the first pioneers of comparative linguistics and so they used this power to weaponize the gita as an aristocratic religion, purposefully leaving out the indigenous philology that comprises the gita's core virtuous substance.

Hamilton and his family were involved in the very beginning of Global enlightnment but their mission was to edit and suppress the information as inferior in the same manner Marx attacked the rich.

Our entire zeitgeist has been cultivated in large part by the aristocratic measures of Hamilton and the Oligarchy... the internet still has yet to reveal the grand errors of history that leave Americans conjuring feelings of philosophical superiority to the east, and vice versa.

Most of our pejoratives and eastern pejoratives were formed from a fraudulent understanding of each others literal knowledge before the internet was discovered, which means the internet ought to reveal the past failures and tricks around information technology if the internet doesn't want to go the way of Postal Mail.

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