Comment: OMG! The Blumenauer video is even better!

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OMG! The Blumenauer video is even better!

Blumenauer really shows insight into the tragedy of the status quo. Botticelli's politically charged pathos ranted at the end is spoken idiotically as if he didn't understand Blumenauer whatsoever. I'll give Botticelli the benefit of the doubt here. The best I can give him is that he's not a complete idiot, but that for some reason he has taken the political position as Drug Tsar to not decide anything, to cover for others who have made poor decisions, to certainly not educate, to not have any positive impact whatsoever, leaving the only impact of his silly role in the drama one that reflects, amplifies, and perpetuates the tragedy of misinformation on the matter. Keep in mind that the core emphasis of Cohen and Blumenauer's rhetoric is merely to remove marijuana from schedule one. Starting @11m46s Botticelli mentions listening to the concerns of parents who are most concerned about lethal prescription-drug abuse and that these parents don't understand why States are moving to legalize marijuana. We all want to grab Botticelli right then and there and scream at him, "You tell those parents that marijuana won't kill their children but oxycodone might! If you can't tell that to parents then who can? If you can't tell that to parents then why do you and your position of Drug Tsar even exist?" Am I correct in claiming we all want to scream that at Botticelli? To me this seems to be almost the entire point of the hearing.

Nightmarish bureaucracy!

edit: Sure, I would like to scream the above quote at Botticelli at that hearing, but then I would finish with the suggestion that we probably wouldn't be at the tipping point right now of States legalizing marijuana had the stuff not been idiotically designated as schedule one by the feds.