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after reading the source of this research in the link above which I suggest everyone does. There is supposedly a zero tolerance for drug use while driving law trying to be passed. Would this drug law also include legalized drugs?

pretty dumb stuff.

Than there is this part
How big of a problem is marijuana-impaired driving? No one is quite sure. One measure comes from a voluntary national roadside survey conducted by NHTSA in 2007. About 14 percent of drivers pulled over at night tested positive for the presence of impairing drugs in their system; the daytime figure was 11 percent. The study looked beyond marijuana and included both legal and illegal substances such as prescription drugs, stimulants and narcotics. Of this group, the most commonly detected drug was marijuana.
In a more recent California roadside study, conducted at nighttime over a weekend, more people tested positive for THC (8.4 percent) than for alcohol (7.6 percent). Because of the long time THC can remain in the body, however, the study was not a clear measure of actual impaired driving.

hmmm, no one is quite sure.... dumb article by yahoo health.