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Hydro Plates

I love this theory, live in Az where Dr. Walt Brown lives, heard his lecture back in 1989, in a small room in Sedona...

(1) Love the little story of the child listening to the Grand Canyon Park ranger lecturing to the collection of tourists, pointing to the bronze plaque, and 'explaining' how the Colorado river carved the 'hole' that is now the Grand Canyon across millions of years.
The child raises her hand and asks, "What happened to all the dirt?"

At the bottom of every major river system on earth there is a delta; either above ground or sub coastal below the ocean surface.
There is NO delta at the bottom of the Colorado River.
"What HAPPENED to all the 'dirt' that once filled the deepest hole on Earth?"
There is no status quo answer to that one... to explain the 'missing' delta.

(2)How can there be huge sedimentary bands of hard rock laid down across millions of years bent like a rainbow with no fracturing?

Like I said I love Dr. Walt Brown's theory the moment I heard it..
it certainly explains the above.

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ans to the above riddles:
1. There IS no delta, because: the Colorado river didn't 'carve' it. The 'dirt' of the biggest hole on earth, was violently 'smeared' all over the desert floors of Az, Ca & Nv.
2. The sedimentary 'rainbow' arch has no fracturing because: it wasn't 'hard'. It had the consistency of 'putty' having only been 'recently' and 'rapidly' laid down at the time of the upthrusting to form the 'arch'.

Dr. Walt Brown's Hydro Plate Theory not only explains it but explains a lot more as well... I love science.. but it's not easy realizing your worldview, using 'science' was programed for you.