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Colltivism isn't about collectives

anymore than capitalism is about capitalists.

Collectivism is the concept that the good of the group outweighs the good of the individual. What this means however is that the rights of one group (the predator class) trump the rights of another group (prey class).

It cannot be otherwise.

The consequence of collectivist ideology is that a set of individuals rules over other individuals.

There is no way around that simple and inevitable logic.
There is no evading the historical evidence.

You may be born into a 'collective', if it pleases you to call your family a 'collective'. I'm old fashioned and I call it my 'family',
I call my spouse my wife, not my comrade, but that's how I roll.

But because you're born into a 'collective', that doesn't mean your dad may tax you for 40% of your income for the rest of your life.

That doesn't mean your mom may put you in a rape cage for preferring a different recreational drug than she does.

You may be part of a collective, but your family (I assume) doesn't indulge in the evil ideology of collectivism.

Collectives may exist perfectly fine and not violate the NAP.

Collectivism must of necessity violate the NAP. If you believe the good of the group outweighs the needs of the individual then you have to justify predation against the individual.

Ironically, (to collectivists) the good of the many is best served when society rejects collectivism, because the good of the many is exactly what we all seek individually when allowed to do so.