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I'm not saying it was HAARP or anything...

Yeah, I know. I'm tired of it too.

Isn't it weird that we we've been in the midst of the coldest deep freeze for weeks. TPB were terrified that the Superbowl was going to get snowed out, and then, miraculously, for about two days, the weather warmed up and it was clear and pleasant?

It was 50º + on Superbowl Sunday here in Boston. Same at the stadium.

And now we're back to the deep freeze again. NYC is 32º and snowing also.

Again, I'm not saying it was HAARP or anything. I do know people who swear up and down that the freak snowstorm in Boston on the day of the Ron Paul rally in Faneuil Hall back in 2007 was HAARP. And I'm not saying that either.

God forbid I should be called a conspiracy theorist or any other such name. I'm just noticing things. I wonder if anyone else noticed anything?

But indeed, it is wonderful to have good friends who care.

Thank you Nonna for the bump. Stay safe and warm wherever you are in the real world.


He's the man.