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The delta accounts for about 1% of the missing dirt

To make a very long explanation short, a careful examination of topography around the intersection of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado reveals where two gigantic post-Flood lakes once existed to the immediate northeast and southeast of the Kaibab Plateau. When the larger of the lakes to the northeast (about the size of Lake Michigan) breached and spilled over the Echo-Vermillion Cliff system, at least 2,000 cubic miles of sediments were swept off the hard Kaibab limestone and began carving out the Grand Canyon about 30 miles to the south. The violent rush of water undercut the northwestern corner of the other lake. The water from both lakes carved out the Grand Canyon in a matter of weeks.

So where's the dirt? All total, several thousand cubic miles of sediments were rapidly washed into the Gulf of California's Northern Basin. Sediment depths there are over a mile thick. If those sediments had been deposited gradually by the Colorado River over millions of years then the delta would be hundreds of miles long.

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