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No I have not,

but will sure look into them. If there's one thing I can't get too much of, it's tomatoes. We let the chickens run wild in our garden which causes some problems, but the bugs stay away, so I'd say it's a wash. That was until the figured out that cherry tomatoes are delicious! Our tomato plants are right down the middle of a 4 foot wide raised bed, and there are cattle panels on both sides of the box to support the plants. The chickens learned the could fly up on top and rattle around a bit and the cherry tomatoes would come falling down. That's all fine and dandy, because I plant way too many cherry tomatoes, but it started really tearing up the plants. This year we're going to get ducks and geese to run around the garden and keep the chickens in their electric netting area, BUT we have to plant some cherry tomatoes in there for the little ladies. :)

BTW We plant so many cherry tomatoes in order to keep us and our kids out of the big ones while we're working in the garden. If I didn't have the cherry tomatoes in there I probably wouldn't see many maters make it into the house.