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Works well yes

But as you can see from the lower comments,i have a few bugs to work out.
I have 3 coy in a 35 gal aquarium. I bought a 12v sprayer pump,this pumps directly from the bottom into a 5 gal bucket which sits on top. 2 3/4" hoses
come out within an inch of the top of the bucket,the hoses,go into the top eaves,which are set on an angle for draining,the top drain into the 2 bottom eaves,then back into the aquarium.
Mine is indoors,so far,but have plans for use of a liquid shipping tote,food grade of course,this is where the fish will be,but I want the top changed into something resembling a triangle,this will improve the lighting to all plants
So far,all i have growing is,tomatoes,peppers,oregano,stevia,and a plant I will call a japanese maple
The tote could be placed into the ground,and used yr round,with a green house on top,but I have very limited space,so my dreams are on hold
I hope this helps,i might gone into to great of a detail,but if not,and you have more questions do not think to hesitate to ask,The more minds the merrier

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