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I don't think coercion is a

I don't think coercion is a good thing, and I don't like being ruled. That being said just because I think your ideology is never going to work in the real world, doesn't mean I love the way things are now. Do you understand it isn't one or the other?

Accusing me of loving tyranny does not answer any of the questions I asked you about how to practically bring about an anarchist society that is preferable to the society we have now.

Like I said before, if we snapped our fingers and did actually achieve an anarchist status quo tomorrow, do you expect that gangs will not begin to form in order to fill the power vacuum? Doing so because they can then rob the labor of others, rather than working hard. Governments are just gangs with official looking uniforms.

If you create a gang to put down any gang that tries to take everything over, don't you become a government?