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Comment: You can owe whatever you choose to owe

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You can owe whatever you choose to owe

But no one else may choose that you owe them without your choice. We call that a contract or a moral obligation. Neither of which can happen to you without your consent.

Collectivism is an ideology to justify violence of one group against another. Collectivism asserts the rights of the many, one group of people, the 'deciders' for the collective, trump the rights of other.

If you do not condone that, then you may be part of a collective, but you are not a collectivist.

Families and firms are engaged in collective action and may be called collectives.

They are not collectivist. (well Maybe the Manson family)

They do not typically tax you, tell you what you may or may not buy or sell, or send your boys off to wars 'for the greater good of society' ie the greater good of the people with the guns and titles.

Whether individuals can survive alone is completely irrelevant. No one is suggesting anyone do so unless they wish to. It sounds to me as if you are trying to justify collectivism. As if the fact that we need each other somehow creates an ethical necessity to enslave each other.

The slave 'needs' the master, so says the master, so the master is justified in interpreting the 'greater good'.. for the good of society of course!


Men and woman may need each other but that doesn't turn rape into marriage.

Men may prosper from the division of labor, but that doesn't justify theft.

Like all statists, it seems that you would turn the beauty of human voluntary cooperation into something sordid, selfish, and evil.