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That has got to be one of the most amusing comments that I have ever read.

You benefit from the evolutionary advantages of the Collective.
You exist due to ancestral efforts of the Collective.
Magwan77, would jump in front of a car to protect his[?] offspring because his DNA has genetically programmed him to ensure it's own continued survival, which cannot happen without a future Collective.
The Collective is more important to survival than the individual.
In the interest of survival, the individual is genetically programmed and bound, by honor, to serve the Collective.
Judging by your ironic comment, Faithkills, I can understand if you lack the ability to comprehend the concepts of honor and moral obligation.

Just to be clear; although pagan Folk have been accused, by those who hate us, of being Satanists for thousands of years, my beliefs have nothing to do with the Abrahamic religions from which Satanism arose.

Thanks for the laughs.