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Deposits of Oil, Coal & Gas are far better explained...

by Dr. Walters Hydro Plate Theory.

It didn't just 'rain'..
Suddenly, Violently... you have the surging waters of the 'Fountains of the Great Deep' Gen 7:11 flooding over and tearing up the surface and vegetation at the closing 'moments' of the (then) verdant 'Edenic' earth.

Hundreds of thousands of square miles of ripped up vegetation now swirling, floating and matting together in massive pockets around the globe only to subsequently be buried by millions of tons of returning Earthbound pulverized rock trapping kilometer-thick 'mats' of vegetation under the rapidly accumulating weight of these sediments.
They sink.
Now under the enormous pressure of the overbearing sediment... they rot (heat).
Heat + Pressure + Organics are the only conditions necessary to form Coal, Gas and Oil.
It explains a LOT as to why we find the organic based hydrocarbons so deep under rock. How else could you accumulate enough organic matter without a catastrophic sequence? Time, in this case would work AGAINST you... not for you.