Comment: And I have a bridge in Brooklyn 4 sale cheap O.O

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And I have a bridge in Brooklyn 4 sale cheap O.O

If they count these the way they count alcohol related accidents or any thing else they want to demonize, they count every accident where any one involved had pot in their system even if they were sitting in a legally parked car and a meteor dropped on it. This becomes obvious when they spit out literature on the percentages of what causes accidents. They often end up with well over 200% :D

Pot stays in your system easily 60 days, but the high does not.
How exactly does the joint I smoked last month effect my driving today significantly?

A rise in any count can be entirely accounted for by a change in how the data is collected or criteria of what is counted and what is not. "STATISTICS ARE OFTEN MISLEADING."

But most importantly!!!!!
Never trust a news article with no comment section.

Note: I have never driven impaired and do not consume so have no actions to justify. I Just hate the elites throwing money at an issue in order to convince the public of a falsehood.
(see global warming)

"You only live free if your willing to die free."