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sarcasm at the end of your apology...

at least that indicates you are definitely BILL3 and not an imposter :D

Yes, I read your entire post. I also remember your "In What We all Believe in" post. Consider that I may not be alone in my reaction to seeing the term "axiom". I'm quite accustomed to honing in and paying close attention to the particular wording used when I've been told I'm dealing with something axiomatic, as typically that has been the direct intent of those who have used the term to me in the past. "Hey, this is an axiom here! This is important, definitive! This is the carefully worded sentence upon which the others are built! This is the crux of truth here! The other sentences merely deal in relative speculation!" Your axiom simply said "human power". It still says that. You dropped the "human" after that and simply use the term "power", without adjectives to guide me as a reader that you intended to not continue your last known reference but to jump back to a previous reference that is not even mentioned once in the entire body of your post. I can only read what is there. I can't read what you only imagine is there. I'm not so sure about your heading, but as it stands the body of your post remains as I originally read it. I made sense of it the best I could. That you may think I misinterpreted your axiom, taking it out of context or placing it in my own imaginary context is irrelevant. It is the nature of an axiom to stand up on its own as true in any context. That is the entire point to declaring something an axiom. You can tweak its wording or leave it as is, but as it stands, so do my previous comments.

By the way, "political power, economic power, and the power of social pressure on formation of people's beliefs" are all just as well, facts of life.