Comment: I listen to a lot more music!

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I listen to a lot more music!

Thanks to the jam session.

I'm much more aware of food and nutrition, partly because of the Daily Paul, and largely because of my friend Renato, who I met through the Ron Paul stuff in 2007/8. He had a big impact on my life.

Having come to know so many people here on the DP, and through offline channels, I've become much more thankful and grateful for my life. There are many here who are struggling, and yet they find it in themselves to share so much. This has been a real inspiration for me.

I have become less patient with "trolls," that is to say rude people. My understanding of this medium has increased greatly. I realize that life is too short to spend boxing with ghosts.

Having seen politics up close, and participated in it directly, I'm much more skeptical of a political solution in the traditional sense.

Thank you for the post. I have been thinking about it quite a bit.