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Do you believe

voluntarism and the collectives interest in survival are mutually exclusive? Throughout nature we see redundancy in individuals. Having many individuals ensures survival. Organizing into a cohesive collective with emphasis on survival seems to me that it could be counter productive to those ends by eliminating or at least diminishing the diversity of individuals. Would you agree that there is a plan afoot by a global elite to destroy individuality?

You mention "You didn't create yourself". Well that is certainly true to the extent of conception and even the experiences that form the basis of what an individual will grow to express as Self. But the fact remains as reasoning beings we have the capability to make decisions and exercise free will. Granted many or even most know not what free will is but nonetheless we have the ability to break convention and choose our own path. In the end we own and are responsible for the choices/statements/actions/ we make. Also unfortunately we are bound by the consciousnesses of the collective in the aggregate.

To make it clear I believe it is organized religion, punitive parenting and the state that are the trifecta of control that conditions us to accept our earthly enslavement. We can crush these paradigms and honor our species and planet, ensure our survival through voluntary action once we properly understand that we can not organize human affairs through force fraud and coercion.