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How can I claim to own

How can I claim to own something I didn't create? Well... Everything I purchase at the store, I own, though I did not create it. So there's one way. Whenever I stake a claim to unowned goods/resources, such as harvesting blueberries or a tree from unowned or public lands, I own them dispite not having created them. There's another.

So, I stake a claim to own myself as a birthright of my sentiant existance as a human. As far as I know, and as far as you can proove, no one else owns me, and that makes me an unclaimed resource and I, as the resident of this body have the first right of refusal for ownership. So really, I have no idea what gives you the idea that I don't own myself given our system of laws and private property.

I did not give my consent to be anyone's property. Or is it that my parents created me and thus they own me? That can't be the case since labor is not a claim to ownership. You must own the actual materials of what you build, not the object itself. If you disagree ask yourself who owns a treehouse built out of stolen lumber. Children do not consent to be created, and when you claim ownership over someone's property without their consent, that's called theft (or in that case, slavery). Or are you trying to say that if I clone a human in a test tube, they become my personal property to dispose of as I please? Even if they are sentiant with a mind of their own? Perhaps we should get together and figure out how to clone and then breed an army of slaves?

Or were you speaking of some other creator who owns me? A... magic sky fairy perhaps? Or a Flying Spagetti Monster? Or perhaps one of your Drywish forest spirit friends? Do THEY own me? Give me some proof and we can talk. As far as im concerned, I was "created" by random chance inside an infinity which has no sentiant mind and therefore cannot own property. Until you can "proove" that another individual has a higher claim to ownership over me than I do, I own me. Its pretty simple.

At "best" your entire argument makes a plea that I have a social"responsability" to those who came before me. However responsability is voluntary, not manditory. Therefore I am under no legal obligation be deprived of my rights for any other individual, and I will make choices based on my personal value judgments.

This is the wrong crowd to be pushing "the collective outweighs the individual" with pal. Collectives are an abstraction that do not exist, much like there is no such thing as a "forest." There are only trees. And there are only individuals. Most of us here actually understand the legal process of aquiring private property and our rights here.