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That reminds me of my

That reminds me of my freshman year in college during winter break. Our State was in a State of emergency, so I figured that meant it was time to have fun with my 4x4. Ended up in a friend's neighborhood pulling my friend on a sled & his brother put on snow skis (pulled him with a waterski rope setup). It was so funny seeing sparks every time he crossed the asphalt.

Then we ran into some other friends... sure enough, one had a truck bedliner in his front yard. We repurposed it into a giant group sled. Had a great time, even when the bed liner was acting like a snow plow being dragged from behind. Rope broke and everyone went tumbling into the snow.

Then the cops showed up.

I think it was the snow plow drivers that called it in but could have been one of the neighbors. So, soon as the cops show up my friend wearing the skis buried his legs in a pile of snow and a few others sat around him to make it look like they were just chilling there at the corner/intersection. We couldn't hide the truck bed liner, though. It was plain as day obvious what we were doing with that. The cop... well, he jumped in it, grabbed the center & leaned back. Told us that is what we need to do so the snow doesn't build up in front of it. Otherwise the rope might break & everyone in it will be tossed out of it. He asked if my truck was a 4x4... then said to HAVE FUN!

Such a good memory from way back in the day.