Comment: Blumenauer responded

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Blumenauer responded

in some detail to a letter I wrote him about the situation of marijuana users
being classed as "prohibited persons" under federal gun laws (makes it a felony
for any marijuana user to possess guns or ammo) - this despite my not being
a constituent (I was at one time):

Blumenauer has an F- or thereabouts rating with GOA and NRA, but he responded by saying that he believed marijuana use should not negate 2nd Amendment rights and that states should not be required to report their medical marijuana users to the Feds (for the NICS database).

I don't agree with his model for legalization, really (mine is based on regulating marijuana as we currently do petunias or tomatoes) nor likely with his views on RKBA (although I'm trying to figure out what his views really are on that). But he is pretty sincere and a fairly sharp guy in his own way. Wish he would have a sit down with (GOA Director) Larry Pratt to talk about some of this - maybe he could bump his rating up to D+ or something.

Now if I could just a a substantive reply about something like this from somebody I *am* a constituent of...