Comment: Government is funded

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Government is funded

By a private foreign counterfeiter. That counterfeiter digitizes American dollars (uses the counterfeit money) to buy and own everything that has anything to do with elections and sold out pollutions er politicians.

The Rothschild family has used counterfeiting and extortion by false national debt and extorted theft tax collections.

These parties are simply the most greedy immoral sold out puppet hogs wallowing at the trough to self enrich. These puppet pigs were hand picked for their lack of morality or concern for others.

Of course it is pure evil. Pure evil to use counterfeit money creation to create false national debt to enslave on the basis of collections to pay the fictitious debt.

Its the greedy self enriching pigs of the political party with their propaganda media liar polls and Rigged electronic voting that perpetuate the Rothschild lie.