Comment: Even bugs avoid it? Sick of eating it? Got no use for it.

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Even bugs avoid it? Sick of eating it? Got no use for it.

Killing what might eat wheat (& other food).
Editorial Note: Insecticide (resists insects)? Herbicide? Can't reproduce? Does not seem good to eat. Even other wheat stalks won't mate with it.

Active Ingredient: Bifenthrin Hydrocarbon Liquid
Crops Suited To [To kill for]: Cotton, Tomatoes, Lucerne, Navy Beans, Stone Fruit, Bananas, Faba Beans -----
For the control of Helicoverpa SPP. in cotton, tomatoes lucerne seed crops, navy beans; carpophilus beetle in stone fruit (except cherries); certain species of mites in bananas, cotton and tomatoes; longtailed mealy bug in pears; banana weevil borer and banana rust thrips in bananas; mirids in cotton; whitefly in tomatoes; redlegged earth mite, blue oat mite, bryobia mite, webworm and brown pasture looper in faba beans, subterranean clover, clover, canola, wheat, barley, field peas, lupins and lucerne; vegetable weevil in canola; and certain species of wireworms in cotton and sugarcane; fig longicorn in grapes and citrus leafeating weevil in citrus as per the directions for use.
If you are one of the aforementioned, don't eat this stuff. For others, caution is advised.

Editorial Note: Killing Fields.

If insecticide or herbicide is grown into food, you cannot wash it off.

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