Comment: Frankly, this idea that Obama

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Frankly, this idea that Obama

Frankly, this idea that you right to bear arms is being remotely threatened is ginned up by the gun lobby to increase gun can see the figures.

Gun ownership has exploded under Obama. Gun regulations have gone down under Obama. We've had shootings of politicians, innocents, and school-children...exactly the catalyst the gun-haters needed to push some kind of legislation across the, in multiple states you have huge majorities of the population in favor of curtailing our individual rights to own guns.

I have little doubt that Obama and the progressives would like to reduce our right to bear arms, has evidence by Obama's actions once it became politically feasible to be pro-gun control...but his regulations have been soundly rebuffed.

Nothing has materialized. The courts have overturned practically all regulations that been applied at any level, and any gun-bans present to Congress were DOA.

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