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You provided your own answer.

'People operate in what they "perceive" to be their own best interests.'

No need to get "everyone to agree", the psychological change is happening now.

Look at how they have to pay shills on the internet to try an keep the light from shinning through and they are failing, and not because of or "through salesmanship".

Honesty and integrity is in harmony with real prosperity and with our nature, look at how the internet has changed so much and so many since I first got online in 1996.

The fact that no external authority exist and that we have to integrate the facts of reality as accurately and honestly as possible will become more evident as survival pressure increases.

The solution has always been the same. The creation, production and fair exchange of values through fully integrated honesty and wide scope accountability.

The anti-civilization that we are in now will collapse, we have to survive it, outcompete it and obsolete it.

Freedom and honest value exchange nourishes prosperity. And that is in everyones best interest.

No need for gangs, that will be self-evident and so yesterday.

The creation, production and fair exchange of values is the business of evolving consciousness, love and life.--Craig Johnson