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In other news;

Drug testing by government increased 10 fold and a new study shows 1 in 9 Americans are high at any given time.

I would bet money that the per capita rate of fatal car crashes is actually lower for pot only smokers then the national average per capita fatal car crash rate.

as an example

"Marijuana proved to be the main drug involved in the increase, contributing to 12 percent of 2010 crashes"

I think it would be safe to conservatively assume that at least half those were also on another drug. Which would mean that only 6% of car crashes involve only weed. Combined with this "The 2008 survey found that 35 million Americans were willing to tell government representatives that they had used marijuana in the past year."(which is about 17.5% of the 200 million drivers in america) means that the average per capita car death rate from pot only users is a third the national average.

Then there's this
Report shows fewer traffic fatalities after states pass medical-pot laws

Legalization of medical marijuana, the researchers report, is associated with a 12-percent drop in the alcohol-related fatal-crash rate and a 19-percent decrease in the fatality rate of people in their 20s, according to the study.

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