Comment: Here is my opinion. It is none of your business.

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Here is my opinion. It is none of your business.

I completely disagree with the person below me, and the different viewpoint of the OP as well, and ALL PEOPLE have the right to carry openly or concealed weapons anytime they feel like it. You have no authority, period, over someone else.

If someone is convicted for a crime that would make us think we should prevent the from acquiring a gun in the future, they should be put to death. You cannot prevent someone from getting one. If you can't trust them, they shouldn't be free to roam around society. Jail is rehabilitation, and if you don't think you can convert them back to good people, then kill them. You don't make slaves of citizens just because your are afraid you are putting an innocent man to death and are too scared to do it.

We also need to reassess what kind of crime is worth death/firearm prevention.

If we put an innocent man to death, God will sort it out.
This is why the death penalty is important and must be used fairly and properly.

We need to stand up and take our damn justice system back. If we can't get people judged by a jury of our peers, then our judges need to be held accountable, death by trial if necessary.

I don't find it funny that people joke about corruption. It's not a joke. Mark my words, their day will come.