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Wow. Thank you so much!


It is so incredible to go back and revisit this, now. I mentioned before I was just a youngster - 6th grade or so - when Osho was being arrested and persecuted in Oregon, when he was the Bhagwan. The local news made him out to be a monster. For the longest time I thought of him as a perverted weirdo.

The first little crack came when I discovered a book that belonged to my wife, Samantha by OSHO. I read it and thought it was awesome. And I wondered who this OSHO was - I'd never heard of him. And then I learned it was the former Bhagwan.

And then, it was though my conversations with you, and the book you recommended. Love, Freedom and Aloneness. I began reading that in Taiwan last fall. I still haven't finished it. But it is such a lovely book.

I will make time to listen to that. Ideas on how to breath fresh air into any closed-minded are what I need.

Thank you so much for those quotes! Already I feel excited.

He's the man.