Comment: Now they are just making fun

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Now they are just making fun

Now they are just making fun of us. What kind of fool would believe he committed suicide with a nail gun? People are so apathetic they don't even try anymore. Or perhaps they know no one gives a @#$% about banksters?

If there was any actual justice in this country, the first thing that would happen is they'd grab whomever just ruled this a "sucide" and find out who gave him the idea to say this. Then they'd grab that guy and follow the trail to the top.

Lots of us laugh about banksters dying, but I guarantee you if these "banksters" are being killed, then they are "not" the banksters we would prefer be jumping out windows. My guess is they were either potential whistleblowers, or knew enough to be dangerous to the banking empire should they come under investagation for some reason.

Id be really interested to know exactly what it is these men knew. Something's up.