Comment: Oh, theatrics!

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Oh, theatrics!

First off, damn sorry about the rough morning. It happens to the best of us. And then you learn to press that damn button every few minutes or so. Don't wait two days to press the button! CTRL-S is your best friend.

As for Kurzweil, if you ever were to listen to him talk for an hour about how everything he wrote in a paper when he was fifteen was proven true, you'd understand how annoying he is.

The future remains unknown. He wants to get everyone's brain online so he'll have company, and he won't be alone. And he wants his brain online because he's afraid of death. In a way, he's a poor man. All those guys are. Ultimately, Kurzweil wants to bring back his dead father. He said that in an interview. But there's something wrong with that fundamentally, because it won't be his father.

I don't think you'll "have to" upload your thoughts. I doubt that it will be mandatory. There will be a resistance. As much as I love the internet, I'll wait for others to go first and then see. I'm in no hurry.

What will the point be in having an individual thought when you can just access everyone else's thoughts?

I don't know. It is to hard to make a judgment on that yet. If we have access to all thoughts, it may open up new vistas for exploration. We don't know what it is going to be like. Look at Samantha in Her. She seemed to do ok, before she disappeared...

My thoughts are not loud, competitive, or aggressive enough to stand a chance.

We can fix that. We'll get you the Peter Schiff app, and then you'll be all of those things. Ha ha ha.

Seriously, I think that there will be a place for everyone in the new regime. It'll be like one long, never ending jam session.

I just don’t understand the fascination. I know you love it, that’s one of the many reasons I am wildly entertained by the fact that I enjoy our conversations so much.

I love the internet. Yes, I do. As do you. Admit it! Why else are you here all the time?

We couldn't even have this conversation without the internet. Don't you think that is fascinating and amazing? I've never seen you or spoken to you. I've heard digital representations of your voice, and digital representations of your thoughts. But in a sense, I still know you in some respect. I know you in a different way than some people you see every day. I see facets others don't. Others see facets that I can't.

Look at all these people here. 118 people are here right now. 852 dropped by today to check in and say hi. Everyone is here, meeting, conversing, sharing. Very few of us have ever met, and yet we come here every day. Have we not impacted each others' lives positively, in some respect?

People have audiences for their writings, rants, videos and playlists. They have people to share with. We think of each other throughout the day. We learn things from each other.

I have a hard time seeing the positives outweighing the negatives on the internet.

I had that conversation with Samantha (my Samantha) yesterday. [BTW, we got a nice CD in the mail!] She was talking about the horrible state of comment sections. But aren't there positives as well? I guess it is in the eye of the beholder. I'm certainly not one to claim that it is all positive. And I do think the machines are taking over.

Each day, most every day, I spend the day staring into a screen manipulating data. So does Samantha. When I ride the bus, everyone I see is staring into their screens.

It is different. I think humanity might be going through a phase change I don't know how it is going to turn out. Kind of like the GOP primary, or the Superbowl. It is interesting to see the developments.

how do these guys not see the overwhelmingly obvious negative implications of what they are attempting?

I think they just ignore them. Just like Libertarians ignore anything good that comes as a result of government. On the other hand, there are people that see only negative stuff about what's happening. Like the machines will become our overlords. We'll lose control over our brains. Etc.

That's why we have Jaron Lanier. And you!


He's the man.