Comment: Her story is exactly what they do

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Her story is exactly what they do

I have experienced much of this and much more violent responses from the "government" including break ins, tapping, undercover spies, attempts to criminally frame me, violent gangs coming into private parties beating up dozens of people with weapons, pentagon operatives sent in to formalize and fund direct opposition to our activities, viruses put into my computer and viruses put into the computers of VERY large non-profit groups and shutting down there networks and much more.

What do you think cointel pro was? Those programs never ended they expanded WAY beyond anything under cointel pro. I could tell a thousand stories about all the slimy criminal shit these psychos did to me for leading very large organizations in the University I went to.

For those of you who still believe that any of the political process is legit you are fooling yourself. If you have never been attacked by their operatives it only means you were never effective enough for them to waste their time on you. Once you are effective the amount of resources put onto you and your group will expand systematically until the point where they will kill you if necessary. If they didn't kill you then that means you were not that effective to take the risk. If you are completely effective or have detailed inside knowledge that must remain secret they WILL kill you.

They have a very explicit formula for this and the conspiracy is MUCH bigger than you can possibly imagine. They had literally hundreds of people paid full time and vast intelligence resources applied to subvert our groups activities at the university level when I was active. Some may say bs but we had thousands of spies who had infiltrated every level of their game and we were able to expose many of their operatives in very public ways. That's when they began to get VERY violent with paid criminal street and biker gangs to come after the leaders.

It is WAY worse than most of you comprehend. That's why I keep calling them criminals. I have been in the thick of it and I know their tactics. I know where they organize these activities out of and how they compartmentalize their operatives. I don't think most people here really understand what is happening and how controlled things are. If you want to see the operatives just go to any of the major universities and start a group that grows to over a 5000 and then just look at the volunteers who work the hardest in the group you founded. 1 in 3 will be operatives. Also watch the antithesis organization pop up who will make it a point to be your nemesis and then investigate every single one of those people involved and their funding sources. Look at all "allies" who come as friends with money.

They have a formula that is very predictable once you understand how they work. This is the part that could make it easy for us to win but most people are too stupid to ever realize how these people operate. The smart people who can realize how they operate are also too pussy to REALLY dig in and do what is necessary to defeat these people.

It is a war that only they are fighting and everyone else not involved calls you a conspiracy theorist.

I feel for this woman if she is not one of their operatives.

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