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Yes, it was very good.....

and then we went to dinner.....

Oh, I think you meant the movie right?

My synopsis (from memory 33 years ago):

Man has strange, sometimes terrifying, dreams and goes to see a shrink about them. The mad psyco-atrist that the guy goes to see has been working on a dream projector, that can project your dreams onto a screen when you sleep so others can watch.

Turns out the mad psyco-atrist really has other intentions up his sleeve. He finds out that he can "control the world," or create it the way he wants it to be and he uses the dreamer as the medium to achieve these ends.

Can't go any further or I'd spoil the ending.

Anywayz, if you can get past the 70's acting and sound effects, the movie was quite interesting in it's day involving spiritualism, dreams, technology, computers and shaping the future. I think the main thing that stuck with me was knowing about fait accompli.

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