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Comment: Britain is a central banking

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Britain is a central banking

Britain is a central banking nightmare under constant surveilance where people have almost no rights. It is very near an orwelleon nightmare. The crime rates are attrocious and the murder rate is compariable to our own in America when you count ALL forms of murder and not just "gun" murder. Infact if you don't count shootings in "gun free zones" or highly gun-controlled cities, our murder rates are among the lowest in the world. The only reason people aren't being herded into camps by their already-in-place police state is because their EU economy is being propped up by central banking funny-money. But that's not going to last forever, and the level of which the average person in Europe depends utterly on the gov for everything they have is just a sad testiment to exactly how staged for tyranny they are. What do you think is going to happen to all of these unarmed liberal fools when the EU collapses and they no longer have a currency? Governments eat liberty until it runs out, then they eat people.

The EU is about to collapse and some of its member nations are already on fire. We'll see how that disarmament works out for them in the fairly near future I imagine.

As for Jimmy-Bob and his AK, you clearly have no clue about combat jack. One platoon sized force of rebels who have no need to hold territory can paralyze any nation on the face of the earth by taking out political targets and keeping on the move. All of our government's "biological weapons of mass destruction, tanks, nukes, etc." are useless in that kind of a war. Infact they are worse than useless because if they ever opened up on civilian populations while trying to get at the "rebels," they would accomplish nothing more than swatting the hornet next and cause an uprising against them. The average US citizen (who is armed) would go batshit crazy when civilian targets were getting hit by drone strikes. Before long, you'd be seeing politicians dragged out into the streets and butchered.

Don't get me wrong, plan Z is almost guaranteed to end in a new form of tyranny far worse than what we are building toward now, and I hope more than anything it never comes to that. But don't be an idiot. There are 200 million gun owners in America, and we very much have the capability to utterly wipe our government and all their fancy shit off the face of the earth if they started using their toys against us. Why the hell do you think they are trying to get our rifles and leave us with nothing but shotguns and pistols? Governments aren't affraid of shotguns and pistols. They "are" afraid of rifles that can kill politicians from 500 yards without warning.