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Falling for either one is the trap

Whether you fall for being 'libertarian' or 'progressive' it is a psyop trap whether you or the author of the article realize it or not.

TPTB want the labels and want you to want the label. If you want the label then you have chosen a 'side'. That's all they need you to do. Your neurological processing will do the rest of the functional processing they install into your mind and the minds of others.

You can test yourself for its effects if you can observe your own thoughts objectively. Do you identify libertarians as good? Do you observe progressives as bad? Do you have any emotional state over either word? Are you more likely to be adversarial toward 'progressives'? Are you likely to be more open minded towards 'libertarians'? Do you identify yourself as 'libertarian' and see that as good? If so then their labels are already working.

If libertarians become successful then you will see the psychos become 'libertarians' and then trash the label as corrupt or not based in reality or where ever they want to steer that label and then you will find others who consider you an adversary. Just think TEA party. They smashed those words and turned them into a shit sandwich.

There are certain things that you could identify yourself as that there is no way they can attack, 'a law abiding man/woman' for instance. That label will not be able to be corrupted because of the already established neurological weighted bias of those words. Libertarian is an easy target for corruption of the word.

Remember, it's not just about your perception but also about the perception of others who will fall for their psyop trap. Don't forget that. This is how they play the infowar with an end of divide of conquer. Label yourself a political label and you are doing them a favor by helping them divide and conquer.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...